Settle a Land Disptue

How to Try to Settle a Land Dispute Yourself?

If you are reading this article, you may have found yourself in a difficult situation with a neighbor in respects to your property boundaries. It is a very good idea to try to settle a land dispute yourself before contacting a Land Surveyor. Here are a few tips on how to resolve this situation yourself.

  1. Visit your county court house
  • Visit your courthouse and obtain your title as well as your neighbor's title. This information will contain legal information concerning boundaries and other useful information.
  • It is possible that the courthouse may have outdated documentation, but court records are always a good starting point.
  1. Visit your subdivision office
  • If you live in a subdivision, go to the subdivision office and ask to see (or obtain a copy) of the subdivision plat or boundaries.
  1. Provide Documentation
  • Provide the documentation that you have found (your boundary information and your neighbor's) to your neighbor to try to resolve the dispute.
  1. Hire a Land Surveyor
  • If the dispute continues, hire a professional land surveyor and provide them with the documentation that you may have acquired (i.e. subdivision plat, land deed); with our firm as this may result in a reduction in cost for the survey. .






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