How Much does a Land Survey Cost?

Surveys are typically needed when there are changes to land division, ownership transfers or erection of fences or other structures that are near a property boundary. Since property surveys vary in complexity, the price of a survey will vary as well.  The below items will impact pricing.

A Land Surveyor should never be chosen on price alone. Registered Land Surveyors vary in knowledge and ability. Choose a firm that is reputable and one you feel you can trust. Always ask how long surveyors have been state certified. Also ask if the surveyor is a certified federal surveyor.


  1. What is the size of the property to be surveyed?
  • The larger the property, the longer the land survey will take. This is true for all survey types including surveys used for Title Companies, surveys used for real estate, boundary surveys used for land disputes, etc.
  1. Has your land been surveyed? Do you have a copy of a recent survey?
  • This is important because with a recent survey, the surveyor can locate "landmarks" used to determine boundaries. If there is NOT a recent survey, research has to be conducted to locate your property. Sometimes this may include getting public records of neighbors surrounding your property.
  1. Are there a lot of trees and brush on your property?
  • If your property is saturated with many trees in the area, it may become difficult to use GPS instruments used to validate location.
  1. When is the land survey due?
  • If you need an expedited survey, the price of a land survey will typically increase. We can provide quick turnaround times for Surveyors Real Property Reports (SPOTs), Boundary Surveys, as well as more large land surveys. An expedited land survey costs more in time and materials.






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